The Emergency and Short Notice Childminding

 Program Overview

Project Next of Kin Family Violence Support Services offers 3-5 hours of emergency and short notice childminding within the family's current environment. Our Family Service Facilitators can attend the family home, local school, temporary shelter setting, or within the community, provided it is safe for everyone. 

During the time spent with your family, our Family Service Facilitators create safe spaces for children and youth to begin their own individual healing processes. All of our interactions are informed by our organization's K.I.T.H. approach, which guides how we support children and youth who have been impacted by multiple forms of violence. We are centered in Afrocentrism, a critical lens to the work we do. 

This program allows parents to focus on navigating systems, caring for self and other tasks essential to living free of violence. 

The Emergency and Short Notice Childminding Program can also be requested by agencies serving this population to support ongoing weekly programming or events!


The following eligibility criteria ensures your family is well supported: 

  • Currently impacted by violence (ie. intimate partner, state, community etc.).

  • Children between the ages of 3 months and 13 years old within the family.

  • Accessing the program to complete a transitional task or need (ie. attending support group, court, school etc.)

  • For Potential Agency Partners - Your agency supports families impacted by violence. 


Service Requests and Referrals 

To access the Emergency and Short Notice Childminding Program, please ask a member of your support system (counsellor, shelter staff, doctor, teacher etc.) to connect with Harmony Adzido R.S.S.W. Manager of Operations and Intake at or 416-402-0484 to ask for an online referral form.

12-24 hour notice is ideal.


Agency Partners, please contact Precious Myers, Executive Director at or 416-668-8105 for ongoing program or event support.  


We will do our best to ensure your children are cared for in a timely manner.