Guiding Principles 


Project Next of Kin is a non-profit organization 

dedicated to providing quality and accessible alternatives to childcare and early learning for families impacted by violence. 


To ensure all children, youth and their caregivers have access to support specifically designed to address the impact of trauma and violence.  


  • We believe that families and children are the focus of all of our programs.

  • We believe that research is an integral part of the planning of programs and their implementation. 

  • We believe in quality programming designed to meet the needs of children and families.

  • We believe in accessible and affordable child care options for families.

  • We believe in a safe and friendly environment for children, parents, staff, and volunteers.

  • We believe in an atmosphere of harmony, trust, friendship, and warmth that encourages children to learn as individuals and as part of a collective.

  • We believe in support and guidance for those who are caring for young children.

  • We believe in opportunities for professional development and to recognize staff and volunteer accomplishments.

  • We believe in effective lines of communication, teamwork, integrity, respect, and fairness.

  • We believe in an enthusiastic approach to the role each individual plays as a member of our team.