The KITH Approach

The Knowing It Takes Healing Approach informs all engagement with children and youth. Our curriculum and play plans are centered around the below principles. 

Acknowledgement and Processing 

We create safe spaces for young people to acknowledge and process their traumatic experiences of violence and accompanying experiences of loss, pain, transcendence and resiliency.

Bearing Witness 

We affirm and validate children's concerns, fears and hopes in relation to their experiences and life more broadly.


Developing Creative and Accessible Tools to Manage Experiences of Violence 

We support young people in developing tools to navigate lived, resulting and possible experiences within their current context. 

Facilitate Expression and Voice 

We connect with children through multiple forms of art, theatre, dance, music, active and outdoor play, tradition, ceremony, literature, relationship to the non-human, and spirit.

Every young person has the right to learn with their head, heart, hands and in non traditional ways. 

Challenging Conditions Sustaining and Reproducing Violence 

Young people are encouraged to develop a spirit of activism and advocacy interpersonally, locally, nationally and globally - speaking out against the conditions that sustain violence and their resulting experiences. 

Raising Awareness

We call awareness to the emotional, physical, spiritual impacts of violence on our young people. 

Deepening Relationship with Self, Family and Community 

Building positive relationships with self, peers, the family unit, elders, educators and other caregivers is essential to creating the circle of care necessary for transcending violence.